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 Deshabhimani Weekly 21/02/2016

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DEVM KNOWLEDGE VENTURES PVT. LTD. is an India based registered communications for development services company founded in 2009 and incorporated in 2013. (CIN: U73100DL2013PTC259615)

The mission of the firm is to help the development sector access advanced communications solutions and deliver development services to the target population while enhancing the impact of the work of our clients through innovative knowledge and technology products like films, research, media, and websites & applications, customized to each project.

Our core team possesses excellent academic training and experience in the development sector to better understand the needs of the sector.

We have created communications and knowledge products for a number of international and national development agencies. We have carried out assignments in the USA, Bhutan, Belgium, and many states in India.  


For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

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DEVM KNOWLEDGE VENTURES delivers customized solutions and services in visual media (including feature films), research, technology, and development communications.


Communications can make or break the impact of the development sector. However, capacities of the sector in communications are often limited. We help organisations adopt the latest technology in their communications activities to enhance their reach and impact. We provide services like design communications plans, targeted social media outreach, branding, public relations, and offer 360-degree onsite and remote communications support.

Digital social media
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Co-produced an award-winning feature film in Malayalam, The Sentence (Thadavu) under the banner “Bunch of Coconuts”. The film won the Best Debut Film and the Audience Prize at International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) 2023, and  is the only Indian film in World Competition at Pune International Film Festival 2024, and international competition selection at Jio MAMI Film Festival 2023.

We also create documentaries, social advertisements, animated films, and project videos. We own high-quality 4K production equipment, video and audio recording facilities, and post-production suites. 
Our crew have decades of film industry experience and won multiple national and international awards in filmmaking.


 We offer services like research and analysis, project documentation, reporting, project evaluation, field surveys, case studies, and impact evaluations for the development sector.

Our experienced team of researchers is drawn from the best research institutes in India and outside.

Analysing Data
Globalization concept


We help the development sector to use technology to enhance their impact. Our technology services include developing innovative web and mobile applications, creating smart websites, and social media channels and output. We draw from a pool of IT professionals like coders, app developers, web developers, UI & UX professionals, and service providers based in India to meet the demands of each project.

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We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and strive to deliver more than what is expected from us. Irrespective of the resources available to the project, we customize our approach and deliver output in a timely manner to create the best result and impact. Click the client logos to see some of our work with each.

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Thadavu (The Sentence) Trailer | IFFK 2023 Winner- Audience Prize & Best Debut Director | Malayalam
Pramod Dev

Thadavu (The Sentence) Trailer | IFFK 2023 Winner- Audience Prize & Best Debut Director | Malayalam

Thadavu (The Sentence) Trailer | IFFK 2023 Winner- Audience Prize & Best Debut Director | Malayalam

Myristica Swamp Forests of Kerala

Oushadha sasyakrishi jeevasandharanathinu | ഔഷധ സസ്യ കൃഷി

Cross-Border Learning Empowers Poor Women in South Asia

Who we are: The global Rare Earth Industry Association

Non-Tariff Barriers to India-Bangladesh Trade

One Cube

Consumer Broadband Labels - Short Animation Film


title the sentence

  • Best Debut Director and Audience Prize for The Sentence (Thadavu) at IFFK 2003.

  • Forward Future Competition at Beijing International Film Festival 2024.

  • Asian Cinema competition at Bengaluru International Film Festival 2024.

  • The only Indian film in the World Competition at Pune International Film Festival 2024.

  • South Asia Competition selection for The Sentence (Thadavu) at Jio MAMI Film Festival 2003.

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